How Do I Become a Mining Trainee?

Dan Cavallari

The steps you will need to take in order to become a mining trainee will vary according to the type of mining job you want to pursue. In many instances, you can become a mining trainee with little or no experience or education, though in other cases, you may need to first earn a high school diploma as well as a college degree before you can be considered for a position. Do some research into the various mining job options you are interested in pursuing and take note of the specific qualifications you need to earn in order to get hired.

Several miners working.
Several miners working.

The best resources for finding positions that will allow you to become a mining trainee include mining company websites, job boards, and local labor unions, if they exist in your area. You will be able to find job postings as well as listings of qualifications you will need in order to become a mining trainee. For entry-level positions, you may not need any formal training or education; the mining company will give you on-the-job training that will prepare you for the rigors of the job. This usually includes a lengthy apprenticeship, during which time you will work under the guidance and supervision of a more experienced miner.

Tunnels in a mine.
Tunnels in a mine.

More complex mining jobs will require you to earn a college degree in engineering, environmental science, geology, or other related fields. While you are in college, it is a wise idea to seek out internships that will allow you to get work experience and develop important contacts within the industry that may be able to help you become a mining trainee once you graduate. Some positions may require you to earn a master's degree, which means you will need to spend additional time in school. Be sure to research the various qualifications so you are prepared for the educational commitment you will need to make.

Write a strong resume that clearly outlines your education and experience. Present this resume to potential employers and be ready to make a case as to why you would be the best candidate for the job. It is a good idea to compile a list of references; these are people who will testify to your work ethic, determination, education, and other facets of your personality that will make you an ideal job candidate. Many employers will ask for such references before an interview.

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