How Do I Become a Line Manager?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

To become a line manager, it's important to do your job extremely well. People chosen for this position have usually shown great natural leadership abilities in coaching fellow team members. The middle manager typically looks for a front line manager who can inspire and motivate his or her team. In addition to standing out as the clear choice as a line manager, you may want to take some supervisory courses as well as develop your problem solving, communication and decision making skills.

As line managers are responsible for daily activity management, showing the middle manager or your boss that you can handle problems through effective decision making can help you stand out as a possible leadership candidate. If you don't have the authority to make certain decisions, going to your boss with good ideas for solutions can help you eventually become a line manager. When you're able to stop small issues in the workplace from becoming larger ones and can motivate your co-workers on a consistent basis, you can begin to model the characteristics of a good line manager. It's crucial to always keep your boss' goals in mind.

Communication with your co-workers should always be helpful and respectful. You should show maturity in avoiding arguments and office politics. Make each day fun and coach others to get the team working as a whole to best accomplish the goals of higher line managers. In doing this, you can show your boss that you're able to support the management team as a line manager. Communicating to your boss during a performance review that you hope to become a line manager can be a great idea if he or she feels that you have the potential for the position.

Your boss can then create a workable development plan to guide you into line management. If you aren't currently in that workplace position, it's usually best to try to get a job in which you can work as part of a team and grow in your role. Taking even a few supervisory courses may be a big help in your goal to become a line manager. Taking the time to complete these courses shows that you're serious in your career goal. It can also be an excellent accomplishment to include on your resume. Whether you work as part of a team in a store, restaurant, warehouse or office, you can transfer and develop your supervisory skills in order to become ready for a career in line management.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips