How Do I Become a Hockey Announcer?

Tara Barnett

In order to become a hockey announcer, you need experience, talent, and a lot of luck. There are some degree programs that claim to put a student in a better position to become a hockey announcer, but in many cases students are better served by more general broadcasting and journalism programs. Drive and competitiveness is essential in this field because there are many people who wish to be announcers. By making sure that you are highly knowledgeable and well informed, not only about the sport, but also about all relevant statistics and history, you greatly increase your chances of getting a job as a hockey announcer.

Hockey announcers are known for their signature calls during scoring plays.
Hockey announcers are known for their signature calls during scoring plays.

Hockey announcers arrive at their careers through a number of different paths. There are announcers who never went to college, and there are those who are seasoned sports journalists. In order to become a hockey announcer, it is best to achieve the most prestigious education possible and also obtain qualifications that will allow for alternative employment if sports announcing does not work out. What all hockey announcers have in common is enthusiasm for the game, so this is usually a great place to start.

Experience is an important part of trying to become a hockey announcer, and getting a foot in the door can be very difficult. It is often possible to work as an intern for large teams or as a volunteer for small ones and thereby establish your ability to perform all relevant work. This type of experience can look great on resumes and can provide material for demo tapes, which can in turn help you achieve steady employment.

Talent is often thought of as an inherent trait, but skills like compelling announcing styles can be learned. Taking classes unrelated to hockey, such as acting or public speaking classes, can help improve your skills as an announcer. In order to become a hockey announcer, you must be entertaining to hear during a game. This often means developing a particular style, one that is influenced by the traditional speaking patterns of announcers but is also personalized and unique. Building a dynamic voice is difficult, but it can be done with enough practice.

Getting a job is often the hardest part of trying to become a hockey announcer. Knowing everything about the game, having an interesting voice, and being experienced is not enough to secure steady employment or a full-time job. Securing employment often involves auditioning, seeking out opportunities, and marketing your skills. Although having an agent can be useful, applying for jobs directly and gaining a reputation can also be effective. In a highly competitive market like sports broadcasting, many people find that building a fan base gives the sportscaster a competitive edge and that every creative step taken to overcome the competition is important when looking for a job as a hockey announcer.

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