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How Do I Become a Healthcare Assistant?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill

In order to become a healthcare assistant you will need to acquire the proper training and then find local doctors and other care providers in need of your services. The exact requirements for becoming a healthcare assistant may vary widely, since it is such a broad term which can be used to describe various fields. Those who work directly alongside physicians and other patient care providers may require a college degree with at least two years of education. Others may only need to obtain a career diploma or certificate.

A healthcare assistant can include physicians' aids, nurses aids, technicians, and others who help provide more individualized patient care. This category may also include those who do clerical work or billing in offices. The primary job of assistants may vary, but duties can include giving medications, offering emotional support to patients, helping patients with mobility when needed, and other personal care tasks.


In order to become a healthcare assistant in some places, you may need a college degree. These can generally be obtained at technical colleges or career schools. You will need to first determine the type of healthcare assistant you wish to become, and then find out the exact educational requirements for doing so. You can do this by speaking with an admissions offices at local colleges or by talking with someone who is already working in the exact field you wish to enter.

While you are still attending school in order to become a healthcare assistant career, you may wish to contact local doctors' offices or clinics to ask about possible internships. This will give you the chance to work directly with patients and caregivers while still learning your trade. Not only will this allow you to make a smoother transition from school to work, but many potential employers hire interns if they are happy with their work and have a need.

If you do not take advantage of an internship, or if the professional for whom you were interning doesn't have a need for a healthcare assistant at the time you finish school, you can begin your job search in one of several ways. You can call other potential employers and ask if they have a need. You can also check job boards, attend job fairs, and take advantage of any career placement services offered by your school. You may also become a healthcare assistant by offering certain services, such as elder care, on a self-employed basis or by calling various medical centers in your area to inquire about jobs.

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