How Do I Become a Gaming Analyst?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Someone who wants to become a gaming analyst may need a college degree along with industry experience to find a job in this field. The requirements can depend on the company and the position. People interested in careers in this field may want to consider looking up job openings at companies that interest them to learn more about what they expect. This can help them plan a career development path that will be likely to lead to a desirable end destination.

Casinos often look for gaming analysts with math and finance experience.
Casinos often look for gaming analysts with math and finance experience.

Gaming analysts can work with social media, single-player computer games, casinos, and similar products and services. They make forecasts for the industry as a whole, help companies develop new products, and work on financial forecasting as well. This job requires a mixture of training and experience in finance, risk analysis, and gaming. The appropriate level of training can depend on the type of game analysis someone wants to focus on.

A college degree in mathematics, analysis, media, or a similar field can prepare someone to become a gaming analyst. Casinos tend to look for people with mathematics and finance experience, while social media companies may seek out a gaming analyst with experience in media development. Someone who plans to become a gaming analyst may want to consider internships while in college to get practical industry experience. This can be useful on job requirements after graduation and may lead to referrals or job offers.

One option for college graduates is to work in risk analysis for financial firms, with a focus on the gaming industry. This experience can prepare someone to become a gaming analyst for an organization like a casino. It is also possible to start working directly with a gaming company as a junior analyst or member of the support staff. Direct interaction with a company’s products and services, as well as the industry as a whole through conferences and trade publications, may allow someone to prepare for more senior positions. With three to five years experience, someone can apply to become a gaming analyst in a key role.

This career requires constant continuing education. Gaming analysts need to attend conferences and conventions to learn more about what consumers are expecting and the trends in the industry. They must also keep pace with financial developments, as they can influence the market for gaming. Casinos, for instance, need to know what is happening in the market as a whole, especially if they are thinking about expanding to new locations and want to know if the move will be profitable.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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