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How Do I Become a Customer Development Manager?

M. Kayo
M. Kayo

Most employers require at least a bachelors degree, and some require an advanced masters degree, typically in business or a business-related field, for customer development managers. In order to become a customer development manager you must already have, or you must develop, some specific job skills, such as being highly organized, maintaining a positive attitude, being a polished, articulate professional who loves working with people, having exceptional communication abilities, and possessing a deep understanding of the needs of your customers. Other important characteristics needed to become a customer development manager are a passion for delivering outstanding customer service, the discipline to be self-motivating, and the creativity to develop and implement new sales strategies and programs.

Educational requirements are likely to include at least a bachelors degree in business, business economics, marketing or similar area. A number of companies require a masters degree in business. This is a management position, so several years of previous experience are likely to be a requirement with companies looking for a background in sales and marketing analysis. Experience in financial analysis and external auditing may also provide an advantage.

Woman posing
Woman posing

You may need to acquire or polish some other skills as well. You will be working with all types of people, so interpersonal skills are a must in this line of work. If you're able to maintain and motivate others through an energetic, positive, do-anything attitude then you will probably be good at this. Working with a sales team, regional sales departments, and other company personnel are also part of this job. Other skills include active listening, exceptional spoken and written communication as well as the ability to always be on the lookout for what is best for your customers.

All of the primary responsibilities, methods, and duties necessary to become a customer development manager revolve around one simple thing — finding and keeping customers. That responsibility may involve any number of activities to promote a product or service, such as identifying potential customers, finding additional customers, and doing whatever it takes to keep them coming back. Analyzing the potential profits of a certain market, sizing up the competition's influence on customers, and generally finding ways to make the customer experience better is what a customer development manager position is all about.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing