How Do I Become a Commercial Engineer?

Erik J.J. Goserud
Erik J.J. Goserud
A commercial engineer may be involved in building a train station.
A commercial engineer may be involved in building a train station.

Engineers are responsible for the practical and creative solutions that make the world convenient and livable for us all. These professionals apply techniques drawn from mathematics, physics, and other sciences to develop mechanical and large-scale systems that solve common problems. Commercial engineers have a broad set of capabilities, including large projects involved with the electronics, structure, and logistics of buildings and interconnected systems. If you want to become a commercial engineer, it is necessary to focus on achieving academically, getting a degree in engineering, and furthering your expertise through internships or even advanced degrees.

Engineering is based on principles that are derived from mathematics and the sciences, which is why it is of the utmost importance for someone who aspires to become a commercial engineer to excel in these fields. You need to develop this standard of excellence from the earliest possible stage in your education. If you enjoy math and science, tend to do well in related classes, and have a knack for problem solving, perhaps you should think about becoming a commercial engineer.

Engineers are involved in almost everything around us whether you realize it or not. They are responsible for designing the chair you sit in, the roads you drive on, and the water system that enables you to do the dishes or take a shower. Engineers can develop toys, build computers, or send humans into space. The vast scope of possibilities is obvious, and it is therefore necessary to narrow down your aspirations within engineering instead of viewing this field as one universal profession.

Commercial engineers are more involved with the development of large structures and buildings, and all of the associated logistical intricacies. They may be involved in projects such as building hotels, train stations, airports, or shopping centers and restaurants. To become a commercial engineer, you must first be sure that this is the capacity that you wish to apply your engineering knowledge to. If you are sure of this and continue to excel in related classes, next you need a university degree.

Degrees in engineering are available at a plethora of colleges and universities but are highly competitive due to the need for bright minds in the field. You should make grades a priority for this very reason. A degree in engineering or a specific engineering field will help the odds of employment, as will relevant experience, which is available in the form of internships or concurrent jobs.

There are also a number of opportunities within the field that may help a person to become a commercial engineer. Advanced education is always a way to further yourself, such as earning a master's or doctoral degree. These degrees may be funded by your employer if you choose to work while taking classes. There are many ways to become a commercial engineer; however, earning a degree, gaining relevant experience, and focusing on grades in math and the sciences are the best route.

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This service of commercial engineering is of crucial importance in businesses. However, it is still less known in African countries where their businesses are weak.

Here in Rwanda, we have started to study it and we have arrived at level III. So what is necessary is to inform African companies' owners to recognize the importance of commercial engineers in their companies.

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    • A commercial engineer may be involved in building a train station.
      By: Pinosub
      A commercial engineer may be involved in building a train station.