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How Do I Become a Change Management Analyst?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

A change management analyst helps businesses complete projects that require significant changes to standard practices, principles, and technology. For example, if executives decide that their business could benefit from new intelligence and communication networks, they might call in a change management analyst to advise all leaders, managers, and team members and who helps to optimize new processes. To become a change management analyst, your first step should be to earn an undergraduate degree. For most aspiring change analysts, the best academic concentration is management, since this field can introduce you to principles of business organization and leadership. An individual who wants to become a change management analyst working primarily with information technology (IT) systems should concentrate in fields such as computer science or IT systems.

In most cases, an individual who would like to become a change management analyst can benefit from having background in both IT and business management. Most businesses depend heavily on their intelligence and communication systems, leading to a heavy dependence on IT. Any change management analyst should at least be familiar with IT needs.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Communication and problem-solving skills are essential for any person who would like to become a change management analyst. While these skills might seem to come naturally to some people, it's important to remember that the most successful people hone their skills. This means that in college, in addition to any industry-specific coursework, you should take business writing courses. You will also benefit from courses that allow you to exercise your critical thinking and logic skills.

While a graduate degree is not necessary to become a change management analyst, this kind of credential can make it easier for you to find work and move ahead in your career. A graduate program can also be a great opportunity to meet colleagues who can later become helpful job leads. Graduate programs usually include internships opportunities, which give students valuable job experience.

Before becoming a change management analyst, you should plan on working within a specific industry for a number of years. People who would like to practice change management in the manufacturing industry, for example, should seek management positions with related businesses. As you take on more responsibility, make sure that you also acquire a strong understanding of the software and hardware commonly used in your field. It also is a good idea to engage in continuing education. Attend weekend or night classes to learn about new technologies and management strategies.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing