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How Do I Become a Business Tutor?

Terry Masters
Terry Masters

Business tutoring often requires expertise in the academic subjects business students are required to take in school and familiarity with test preparation strategies for entrance exams to business degree programs. To become a business tutor, you must have a way to demonstrate your expertise. Your knowledge and ability to teach is your product, so the ability to prove your capabilities will often be a threshold matter when a potential student considers hiring you. Beyond this, you will also have to market yourself to develop a client base.

To become a business tutor, you must have the right credentials on paper. These should establish your knowledge of the subject you wish to teach and your ability to convey that knowledge. Examples of a suitable level of topical knowledge are high academic grades in the target subjects, work experience in an area that uses the academic subject, subject-matter certifications and any other academic recognition that establishes your expertise level. You can demonstrate your ability to teach the subject through prior teaching experience, such as by past tutoring or by working as a teaching assistant.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

When you have acquired the credentials to be an effective tutor, you must market your services. There are many ways to sell your skills. You should always make your services available to people you interact with personally, such as fellow students or people introduced to you through friends and family. Often, to become a business tutor in an official capacity, all you have to do is let people know that you are available to help.

The Internet can help you become a business tutor, even if you do not have a potential client base. You can register for one of the websites that serve as a nexus for tutors. These websites handle most of the marketing, so all you have to do is put up a profile that potential clients can see when they browse the site. The Internet makes it possible for you to find in-person clients that are located in your geographical region and virtual clients that you tutor over the phone or over an Internet connection.

Your main concern with using the Internet as a marketing vehicle to become a business tutor is the ability to successfully differential yourself from so many other tutors from around the world. Anything you can do to add to your credentials will often be helpful, such as acquiring teaching certification, developing a list of references and maintaining statistics that demonstrate how your intervention has enabled students to succeed. Initially, you may have to undercut your competition with regard to pricing your services to establish a successful public profile as a business tutor.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book