How do I Become a Business Teacher?

Elva K.

In high schools, there are teachers specializing in various subjects. Business teachers teach students about topics such as economics, computer usage within a business context, spreadsheets, business career options, banking, and basic investments. If you want to become a business teacher, you generally will need a college degree.

A business teacher covers topics like economics, banking, investing, and spreadsheets.
A business teacher covers topics like economics, banking, investing, and spreadsheets.

Earning a college degree that includes a double major in teacher education and business is necessary if you hope to become a business teacher. Granted, some individuals may choose to major in business on the undergraduate degree level and then go to a separate teacher preparation program after college; however, the usual path involves double majoring in business and education on the undergraduate level. The teacher education major includes courses specific to teaching, such as teaching methods, human development, or behavior management, while the business major includes business-related courses such as accounting, marketing, or business statistics.

Typically, a teaching practicum is required as part of your college academic program if you hope to become a business teacher. Teaching practicum involves observation and supervised teaching of business classes in a high school. The practicum process is useful because during this time you have the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about business curriculum, lesson planning, the process of assigning homework, maintaining a grading book, parent conferences, entering grades onto student report cards, and doing other job tasks that working school teachers do on a daily basis. Teaching practicum is also helpful because it enables you to get constructive feedback and become aware of your teaching strengths and weaknesses before you pursue a teaching job after college.

Generally, if you want to become a business teacher, you will apply for your first paid job as a business teacher during the last semester of college. Working with the career services department at your college and doing an online job search can be a helpful way to get a job. Then, once you get a job, you will begin to teach most likely in a high school.

If you become a business teacher, after teaching for a few years, you may decide that you want further education relevant so you can eventually teach community college or four-year college courses. You can pursue either a master's degree or doctoral degree via evening traditional classroom graduate courses. You could also pursue a master's or doctoral degree online.

Of note, if interested in pursuing graduate study in education, the Master of Science (MS) in education or the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in education is typically recommended for anyone who wants to gain additional knowledge relevant to teaching in a college education department. By contrast, you could pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Or, you could pursue a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in business if you prefer to pursue further knowledge specifically in business and teach business courses in a college setting.

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