How can my Group Arrange for a Motivational Speaker?

Garry Crystal
Garry Crystal
A motivational speaker aims to inspire others to take action.
A motivational speaker aims to inspire others to take action.

One of the main goals in hiring a motivational speaker is for his or her ability to put the spark back into a lackluster business team. A business team or work staff may, after a period of time grow indifferent or be unable to find the impetus for their own goals. They may find that they have achieved a certain standard of work and cannot see any way or reason to go beyond this point. A motivational speaker can help when this situation occurs.

The motivational speaker is usually an expert in his or her own field. They have usually attained a high level of professional expertise in one category and have the ability to pass this on to their audience. They are usually experts in finding ways to make an audience see their successful methods in a new light. They can pass on tips on how to make a particular workplace more productive and how to set new work goals that can be achieved by the staff.

The motivational speaker is great way to inspire a flagging work team. They will talk of new methods for finding a new sale or new implementations that will maximize profitability. The motivational speaker’s talk should be the starting point for discussions among the staff. New ideas will be thought of from the speaker’s initial talk and the experiences he or she passes on.

For almost every business, the perfect motivational speaker can be found who can give a new point of view. The arts, the field of sports, Information Technology, human rights, sales businesses, the list is endless. If there is a business out there, there is also a motivational speaker who can cater specifically to it.

There will usually be a specific fee set out before hand when hiring a motivational speaker. This can take into account the length of the speech, traveling expenses and accommodation. It may also include follow up meetings that can occur a few months after the original talk. Sometimes a motivational speaker will be brought in once a week for a set number of weeks. This may be because the staff has a lot more to learn or it may be to reinforce the lessons learned from the original talk.

Before hiring the motivational speaker, remember to keep in mind exactly what you hope to gain. You may just want improve your sales figures with new ideas or you may want your team to bond together. Make sure you have informed the speaker so that he can tailor the talk exactly to your business' needs.

One of the best ways of gaining a reference for a speaker is through word of mouth. Ask business colleagues if they have heard or seen first hand good motivational speakers. You may have an event management department or human resources department who can recommend good speakers. The results of the talk may not be seen immediately but it should bring new life and inspiration to a flagging company.

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I think one of the best sources of motivational speakers is the local clergy. Pastors deliver inspirational speeches every week, and many of them are available with minimal advanced notice. A group should not consider this as part of a minister's regular employment, however. The usual considerations for an outside speaker still apply. There may be some travel and lodging expenses to consider, as well as some financial remuneration for the speaker's time and expertise.


When my local civic group wanted to hire a motivational speaker for a meeting, we had to go through a talent agency first. The best motivational speakers are in such demand that they stay booked for months or even years at a time. We were lucky that a well-known author and motivational speaker had a last minute cancellation nearby and could appear at our meeting. Otherwise, it would have been months before he became available again.

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    • A motivational speaker aims to inspire others to take action.
      By: Antonio Gravante
      A motivational speaker aims to inspire others to take action.