What does a Motivational Sales Speaker do?

R. Anacan

A motivational sales speaker is a person who speaks to employees of a business with the goal of encouraging sales associates to perform better. Training and motivation is an often overlooked element of a company’s operations. Successful companies understand that investing in their sales force through training and motivational programs is a key component of their success. Utilizing motivational sales speakers is an important component of the training and development program of many companies.

Motivational sales speakers often draw large crowds.
Motivational sales speakers often draw large crowds.

For many people, their first encounter with a motivational sales speaker is at a corporate function with the speaker giving the keynote address of the event. The keynote speaker is considered to be the main or highlighted speaker of an event. Therefore a large amount of focus and attention is given to the keynote speaker. The person giving the keynote address is often someone who is well known or highly regarded in a particular field, to help raise interest and excitement for the event and the speaker.

The role of motivational sales speakers is to encourage sales associates to perform better.
The role of motivational sales speakers is to encourage sales associates to perform better.

A typical keynote speech generally focuses on a large central theme and lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Many speakers have a standard speech that serves as the basis of all their presentations, which are then customized for the audience they are speaking to. At larger corporate events, the keynote address may follow the serving of either lunch or dinner, further highlighting the motivational sales speaker.

In addition to keynote speeches, a motivational sales speaker may also conduct workshops or seminars. In contrast to a keynote address, which is often designed to cover more central themes, in a seminar a speaker may not only tell a group why they need to be motivated to sell a particular product, but also coach the group in the specifics of how to sell a product. Seminars are generally more detailed and interactive presentations for the speaker than a keynote address.

Many speakers are also authors of books in their areas of expertise. At sales conferences, the speakers often sell and autograph their books for attendees and the selling of books provides an additional source of income for many motivational sales speakers. Many speakers were originally authors who became well known through their books. Other motivational speakers originally started out as speakers and parlayed the exposure they received into writing books.

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