How can I Redecorate a Room for Almost Nothing?

Diana Bocco

If you have been dreaming about redecorating a room but don't have the budget for it, take heart. Experts say that how a room looks can be completely changed by doing small things like moving furniture around, adding details, and using paint. Even if you cannot afford to buy anything for your home at this point, here are some tips to help you redecorate a room for close to nothing.

Redecorating can be affordable yet stylish.
Redecorating can be affordable yet stylish.

The simplest thing you can do to redecorate a room on a budget is to repaint the walls. If you own your home or painting is acceptable in your tenant contract, changing the wall colors for a completely different hue will produce an instant impact. Not matter how much you're tempted, however, don't choose colors that are too bright or too shocking. They date a room quickly and you may find out you don't love them so much in just a couple of weeks.

New blankets or throws may help change the look of a room.
New blankets or throws may help change the look of a room.

Another great way to redecorate a room is to move things around. Exchange the bedroom rug for the one on the living room. Move a little table to a different corner. Changing the focal point of the room also helps. Organize furniture so the main window is featured, or make sure everything points to the fireplace or the TV center. Hunt around in other rooms for lamps and pillows that can be moved to a different room. If you have coffee table books, display them on the living room or bedroom. For the kitchen, dig up antique cups and tea kettles and display them on the counter.

If you can afford to spend some money to redecorate a room, invest in fabrics. Curtains, blankets, or a new throw can change both the look and the feel of the space. Fresh flowers or a new lamp with a different bulb color can also infuse a different mood into the room.

If you cannot afford to buy new things to redecorate a room, visit your local thrift store or a few garage sales. Candles for the bathroom, paintings for a small wall, and even vases and other decorative items can often be found second hand for next to nothing. Always remember that it is possible to redecorate a room for next to nothing if you use your imagination.

Garage sales are great places to find cheap decorations.
Garage sales are great places to find cheap decorations.

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