How can I Organize my Home for Christmas?

Sherry Holetzky

Getting your home organized for Christmas can be quite a challenge, especially considering the many other things on your “to do” list during the holidays. However, it will make the rest of your holiday plans go much smoother, once you tackle the job. In order to organize your home efficiently, there are several things to keep in mind.

Keeping Christmas themed wrapping paper handy is an essential part of organizing a home for Christmas.
Keeping Christmas themed wrapping paper handy is an essential part of organizing a home for Christmas.

The first order of business is purging things that you no longer need. It is simpler if you attempt to organize one room at a time. Go through each space and sort through your belongings. Organize items into separate piles of things to keep, things to store elsewhere, and things to donate or throw away.

In the kitchen, go through storage containers, mix and match plates and cups, and potholders and dish towels that have seen better days. Look through closets and remove jackets, sweaters, caps, and gloves that are no longer used. In bedrooms, sort through clothing, toys, and other entertainment items. When you tackle the family room or the living room separate CDs and DVDs that are no longer popular with your family members and organize the items you’d like to keep.

Clear out the items that you no longer wish to keep and organize those that will remain. You may also need to pick up some additional storage bins or other storage containers to organize each room. This way, your entire family will have more space to store the new items each member receives for Christmas.

You may also find that Christmas shopping is a bit easier once you organize the things you already have. You’ll have a better idea of what is needed around the house and what to purchase for family members. You’ll be able to avoid purchasing duplicate items, and you’ll know if something needs to be replaced. If you get everything organized in advance, it will be much easier to organize the new items and find a place for everything.

You will also feel good about donating the items you no longer need, knowing that someone else can get use out of those things. You’ll benefit in at least two ways if you organize your home for Christmas. You’ll have a neater, more organized home and you’ll have the joy of sharing with others.

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