How can I get Organized?

Phil Shepley
Phil Shepley
Even an old-fashioned paper calenday can be useful in getting organized.
Even an old-fashioned paper calenday can be useful in getting organized.

Life is certainly a balancing act between work, home, school, kids, and the rest of the things there are to deal with in daily life. It often seems to get more and more complicated as time goes on. The ability to get organized among all of the various details associated with life is not an easy task, so it is important to begin by not attempting to organize everything at once. Therefore, a good first step to get organized is to decide which aspect of your life is in need of the most attention.

Sometimes this is an easy task, as one thing might be obviously more messy than anything else, or take precedence simply because it has to be done. Things that might need immediate organization could be bills, dishes, a closet or anything that, if left alone, will cause a problem that is not easily fixed, such as a late bill or a messy kitchen. Once you have something in mind that needs immediate attention more than anything else, organize that and don’t worry about everything else, since you have already determined that the quality of your life will be affected if you do not give attention to that particular item.

If it is not so simple to see what needs immediate attention, then the best way to begin to get organized is to make a list. You can do this with a pen and paper, a computer document, or whatever method you choose, as long as it is easy for you to reference and not cause more of a mess. Once you have your list of as many things as you see that need to be organized, it is time to prioritize by simply numbering the items on your list from the most important thing that needs to get organized all the way to the least important. Now you have officially begun to get organized; just do not attempt to get everything done at once. The key to being a professional organizer is to focus on one mess at a time.

There are many different ways to get organized, depending on exactly what you are working on, but there are a few general rules you can follow. The first of these is to not be afraid to throw away or donate items that are causing unnecessary clutter. This is as true for clothes you will never wear again as it is for files on your computer that you will never have any use for. Another key thing to remember is to use a calendar when you are organizing your plans, whether you use one of many free calendar programs on your computer or an old-fashioned paper calendar.

One of the most important rules once you get organized is to stay organized by putting things back where they belong. It may be a little work now, but it will save you the hassle of figuring out where it belongs in the future when there are many other things lying around. If you are not alone in your household, be sure to utilize as much help from others in your quest to get organized by delegating responsibilities where possible and, again, making a list or chart to help you do so. Finally, remember to give yourself a break when you get overwhelmed; relax, and realize that if you keep plugging away you can get organized.

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    • Even an old-fashioned paper calenday can be useful in getting organized.
      By: a_korn
      Even an old-fashioned paper calenday can be useful in getting organized.