How can I Optimize my Jogging Workout?

B. Miller

To optimize your jogging workout, it is necessary to commit to it, and make it a point to put exercise into your schedule. The best way to optimize any workout is to make it a regular habit, ensuring that if you choose to exercise three or five days per week, that you actually exercise on those days. A jogging workout is a great way to lose weight and get in shape, and there are a few ways to get the most benefits out of it.

An mp3 player loaded with upbeat music for jogging.
An mp3 player loaded with upbeat music for jogging.

One of the best ways to optimize your jogging workout is to select the time of day when you have the most energy to exercise. If you are a morning person, exercising when you wake up in the morning will automatically help you to give your all to your exercise routine, because you will not feel tired. Many people also find that exercising in the morning is a better choice than evening, because then you do not need to spend all day thinking about it and making excuses not to exercise.

Jogging provides an aerobic workout.
Jogging provides an aerobic workout.

Another way to optimize your jogging workout is to set goals for yourself. This will give you something to strive for, and to work towards when you would rather quit. A goal might be to run a mile in under eight minutes, or to increase the distance you can run without stopping. Even small goals can make a big difference in optimizing your workouts. When you reach the goals, simply set new ones. You may even choose to develop a small reward system, just be sure that it is not an unhealthy reward.

It is important to select a time of day when one has the most energy to exercise.
It is important to select a time of day when one has the most energy to exercise.

Eating a healthy diet is certainly another way to optimize your jogging workout. Giving your body the fuel that it needs will give you more energy to work out, as well as help your body to burn fat and increase muscle mass. A healthy diet should consist of enough calories for your height and weight, made up primarily of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and proteins from sources such as fish and chicken.

In addition, something as simple as a good, supportive pair of sneakers can help optimize your jogging workout. Get creative; if you are not feeling the motivation to exercise, you might find that jogging with a friend is a great motivator to you, or that creating an upbeat playlist on your MP3 player helps you to find more energy. There are many ways to optimize your workouts without making sacrifices.

Some joggers use interval training not only to optimize speed but also to improve their stamina.
Some joggers use interval training not only to optimize speed but also to improve their stamina.

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@OeKc05 – I also love jogging through natural areas. For one thing, it's nice to be breathing fresh air instead of car pollution.

I used to jog on a walking track right in the city. Once I started breathing heavily, I could really tell that the air was foul. It even hurt my chest a little.

Now, I own some hilly land, and I jog out there every day. I breathe in the scent of fresh flowers and pine trees, and it is invigorating.

It's good to know that during a workout that requires a lot of extra air, I am inhaling clean oxygen. I dreaded jogging in the city air, but I look forward to my workout every day now.


If you jog every day, your body can get used to it, and you won't reap as many benefits from it. That is why I do a walk, jog, run workout.

I have heard that it is best to vary your speeds when doing any workout. You get the most out of your exercise when your heart pumps harder for short intervals.

I start out walking, and then I progress to jogging. I can feel my heart warming up, and then I break out into a run. I run for a solid minute, until my heart is pumping so hard that I can scarcely breathe.

Then, I bring it back down to a walk. I catch my breath, and then I start the whole process over again.


I greatly prefer jogging in nature to jogging along paved paths. Rugged terrain offers many more challenges, and as long as you have good shoes, then you shouldn't be in danger of hurting your feet from the uneven ground.

I like jogging uphill wherever possible. Having a wide open space to work with is nice, because when I'm feeling adventurous and strong, I can run uphill, but when I'm feeling sluggish, I can stick to a more even path.

The only time that I jog on paved surfaces rather than dirt is after a rain. Mud is dangerous to jog upon, especially uphill, because the risk of falling is too great.


My old jogging workout plan was bringing me down. I thought that jogging before work would be best, because I figured it would wake me up, and I wouldn't have to do anything once I got home in the evening.

It had the opposite effect. After jogging, I was so tired. After my shower, I would be so sleepy that it was hard to make myself go to work.

Jogging early zapped my energy for the rest of the day. So, I switched to after-dinner jogging. About an hour after I ate, I would hit the road, and it worked out much better this way, because I really could go to sleep after a workout.

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