How can I Keep my Teen Safe on Prom Night?

Sherry Holetzky

Every parent worries when teens are out late, and prom night is notorious for after prom parties, which creates an even greater sense of worry. There are some steps you can take to make sure your teen remains safe on prom night. First, know your child’s prom date. It is a good idea to meet his or her date as well as any friends that may be accompanying your teen, to make sure you are comfortable with your son or daughter hanging out with these friends.

Teens who attend prom as part of a large group of friends are statistically more safe.
Teens who attend prom as part of a large group of friends are statistically more safe.

It is also a good idea to have your teens check in on prom night. You can set up prearranged times when your child should check in to let you know that he or she is all right. If you intend to go out on prom night, make sure your son or daughter has the appropriate contact information so he or she can reach you at all times, not only to check in but also in case any problems arise.

If you do decide to let your teen attend an after prom party, make sure that adult chaperones will be present. It is best to call and speak with the parents yourself before prom night arrives. Parties where no parents or adults are present tend to lead to trouble. Talk with your child about drinking and drugs and make sure he or she knows that such things will not be tolerated. Lay out clear consequences for breaking these rules in advance, but also let your child know that you will come and pick him or her up if necessary, no matter the situation.

Although parents often want to allow teens more freedom, it is wise to set a curfew or specify a time for your child to return home on prom night. It is important not only to help you avoid lying awake all night worrying but also so you’ll know right away if something goes wrong. If your teen doesn’t arrive on time for his or her prom night curfew, you’ll know you should start calling friends or begin looking for your child.

There is no reason that prom night cannot be a wonderful and memorable occasion while also being a safe one. Your teen may not be happy with these rules or others that you decide to implement but it is in your son or daughter’s best interest to follow them. Making it home safely on prom night is the best way to ensure that it is an occasion that will always be remembered fondly.

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It’s also good to have a phone that has a GPS locator on it. I think Verizon has a plan where you can set up the phone (for your child) and you can monitor where they are at all times.

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