How can I Find ACT&Reg; Help?

B. Miller

There are many sources of ACT® help available for people who are preparing to take this college entrance exam, which can help to determine the types of schools or certain programs you are able to get into. Personalized tutoring is one example of ACT® help, but this can be slightly expensive. Computer software programs are usually an excellent study guide and source of information, often including complete practice tests to give students sample scores and illuminate areas where improvement is needed. There are some sources of free help online, as well as study guides or books that may be taken out of the library or purchased at bookstores.

Some students take an ACT practice test before taking the actual test.
Some students take an ACT practice test before taking the actual test.

High schools often offer ACT® prep or tutoring classes for students who are getting ready to take the test. Though this is group instruction, it can often be very beneficial for students. Individual tutoring is also a possibility for students who are having particular difficulty with certain concepts, such as higher level math. Even though private tutoring is more expensive than group preparatory classes, it is worth it for many students if they are then able to score highly on the test, and get accepted into the college they desire.

Personalized tutoring is an expensive form of ACT help.
Personalized tutoring is an expensive form of ACT help.

Computer software programs can also be excellent sources of ACT® help. These programs offer study guides, dozens of sample questions, and often a few complete practice tests. Students can then complete the test, familiarize themselves with the question format and the amount of time they have to complete each test, as well as receive their scores. This will help to decrease anxiety on test day and highlight areas that students need to improve. The software will typically illustrate which questions were right and wrong, and may even provide explanations for the correct answers to those questions, which can better facilitate learning the material.

Free ACT® help may be found online in the form of basic study guides and practice questions. These can be good supplementary materials, but may not be enough to completely study for the test. Books may also be purchased or taken out of the library; these will typically include practice questions as well. For this reason, it might be a good idea to purchase your own copy so you can write in the book. If you are stumped for any other sources of ACT® help, the guidance office in most high schools will typically have a number of recommendations.

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