How Can I Eliminate Dark Circles?

Erin J. Hill

You can generally reduce or eliminate dark circles by using eye soothing agents or anti-aging creams. There many natural remedies you can use which also may eliminate the look of dark circles by reducing inflammation around the eyes. Some darkness may have to be covered by makeup, though, since in many cases discoloration can't all be removed through other means.

Placing damp, caffeinated tea bags on the eyes can help to get rid of dark circles.
Placing damp, caffeinated tea bags on the eyes can help to get rid of dark circles.

Dark circles under the eyes can be a sign of aging, although they are also common in certain people even in youth as part of their genetic makeup. They may also appear if you don’t get enough sleep. One way to combat or eliminate dark circles is to make sure you are getting plenty of sleep at night. If you can’t do this, applying soothing substances to the eyes may help. Cucumber is one example of something natural you can try to eliminate dark circles.

Concealer can be used cover dark circles under the eyes.
Concealer can be used cover dark circles under the eyes.

There are also dozens of anti-aging creams available which claim to eliminate dark circles and other signs of aging. The skin beneath the eyes may become less firm and more saggy over time, and fine lines or wrinkles may appear along with the dark discoloration. Some creams may be effective in reducing the look of this discoloration in certain people, so you should try various types to see what works best for you.

A retinol and vitamin K eye cream.
A retinol and vitamin K eye cream.

Another factor you should keep in mind is that drinking plenty of water may also help eliminate dark circles. Dehydration can make the skin look duller and darker than it should, so if you aren’t getting enough fluids, you may be causing dark circles to worsen. Ideally, you should be drinking eight or more glasses of water per day. Keep in mind that heavier or taller, as well as more active people, will need to drink even more water.

If you nothing you try seems to eliminate dark circles entirely, you can buy over the counter foundation or concealer to cover them. Choose concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone, and then cover with a powder or foundation that matches your skin perfectly. Although this isn’t a permanent fix, it will help you feel and look better while the other methods have time to take effect, or to finish the job if other methods aren’t as effective as you’d like.

Drinking plenty of water may help to eliminate dark circles under the eyes.
Drinking plenty of water may help to eliminate dark circles under the eyes.

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There is a difference between dark eye circles and dark spots.

For dark spots, i.e. "aging," consider the following: Alpha Arbutin blocks the effects of melanin on the skin removing dark spots quickly and safely

Resveratol is another [powerful melanin blocker. Tests compound of organic materials, it reduces melanin production by 5 percent. Give it some time; six weeks is usually when your dark spots disappear. Sepicalm-s is a powerful anti-pigment and anti inflammatory agents on the market. Look into rice peptone, also. I use it for around the eye dark spots, non medically caused.


@ddljohn-- Have you tried vitamin K cream?

I've been using it for a month and it has made a huge difference for my dark circles. I got it from the pharmacy and it was affordable. My dark circles are looking 50% lighter. I hope they will be gone completely next month.

Also, make sure that you are hydrated. I've noticed that when I don't drink enough water, my eye circles look much worse.


@ddljohn-- Do you have family members with dark eye circles? And have you seen a doctor for a general check up recently?

If your dark circles are hereditary, natural remedies won't help. Remedies and creams work if the cause is irritation from sunlight, or broken capillaries under the skin. If it's because of your natural complexion or due to your genes, the best you can do is cover them up with concealer.

There are also some cosmetic and surgical procedures that can be done, such as chemical peels, fillers or removal of excess eyelid skin but you should get a regular health checkup first. You might just have allergies or a poor diet.


For the past week, I've been trying every remedy I could find for dark circles. I've tried sliced cucumbers, sliced potatoes, green tea bags, chamomile tea bags and even orange juice. Nothing is helping, I don't know what to do. I'm tired of having raccoon eyes all the time.

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