Where Do I Get Ideas for Self Employment?

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Finding ideas for self employment can happen at any time through a variety of different sources. Some individuals will look online, scan job postings, or network with friends, coworkers, and family members, and others will use their own personal experiences to begin their own business. Still others will want to start out as independent contractors or part-time workers to test out a potential business venture. The best ideas for self employment will generally relate to a worker’s skill set, interests, and past work experience and career background.

Ideas for self employment will often arise out of a person’s talents and skills. For instance, craft enthusiasts might find that they can apply their hobby skills to a business, while talented musicians might want to begin teaching lessons to pass their skills onto others. Having a solid foundational set of skills will generally reduce training time, costs of learning new skills, and time spent understanding the business. Individuals who already have a basic understanding of the necessary skills or materials for their business will have a leg up when it comes to beginning self employment.


Interests are frequently related to skills because they are both measurements of success in any given field, and they can both create a springboard for more self-employment ideas. Many individuals find that they are inspired to build on their interests by starting their own businesses or becoming independent contractors because they already know that they enjoy the field. Having a keen interest in an area of business will also encourage people to learn more about it and potentially discover new ideas for self employment. Becoming involved in hobby fairs, reading magazines, newsletters, or blogs about a subject, or participating in interest groups can all yield new ideas and help self-employed individuals make more connections to advertise their businesses.

Career background and work experience can be helpful sources when generating new ideas for self employment. Many workers who have a large degree of experience in a particular field are already aware of its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. Workers will often not only possess the necessary skills and interest to set out on their own, but they will also be equipped with professional contacts with whom they can network. These contacts can sometimes provide helpful advice or they could even become future employees or future clients, depending on the end goal of the business.



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