How Can I Increase Self-Esteem at Work?

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Increasing self-esteem at work can help increase your productivity and indirectly lead to career advancements. To increase your self-esteem, you can keep a list or board displaying your personal and professional accomplishments. Learn to accept that you make mistakes, and try to improve yourself. Also, good relationships with your co-workers can be beneficial, so help them when needed, but make sure that you don't get taken advantage of. Self esteem classes can also raise your levels of self-esteem.

Many people with low self-esteem tend to downplay or forget about their accomplishments, and focus on their flaws and faults. Keeping track of your accomplishments can help increase your self-esteem at work. Personal and work accomplishments can be arranged on a bulletin board or collage. This can then be put somewhere that you will see it every day before you go to work, such as next to your front door. If possible, you may also want to place a smaller version in your workspace.

Personal accomplishments can increase self-esteem at work, and they should be included on this board. A picture of the new car your just bought, or even a Mother's day card from your child can be considered personal accomplishments. A congratulatory email from your boss, an award, or the reminder of a large project on which you did well make good work accomplishment reminders.


As the cliché states, everyone makes mistakes. To raise your self-esteem at work, you can't exactly ignore these mistakes, but accept them. You can also strive to improve yourself if you are making the same mistakes repeatedly. For instance, if you have a habit of showing up to work a few minutes late, you can leave your house earlier. Correcting your mistakes will often help you feel better about yourself, raising your levels of self-esteem.

Your relationship with your co-workers will also directly influence your levels of self-esteem at work. A good rapport with co-workers will often lead to high self-esteem and a healthy work environment. On the other hand, not getting along well with your co-workers can lead to low self-esteem. Be as friendly as possible with your co-workers when you can.

Helping your co-workers when they need it can also help your self-esteem at work. Just make sure that you are not spending too much time neglecting your own duties. Also, make sure that you are not being taken advantage of. If you feel that someone is using you or you are being treated unfairly, calmly and rationally speak up. Do not, however, get overly angry and emotional, since this can cause even more problems at work.

Self-esteem classes are another option to help you raise your self-esteem at work. These classes may help you understand more about self-esteem, and how you can raise your self-esteem at home and at work. A number of these classes can be found online, some churches and community centers also offer self-esteem courses.



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