What Types of Jobs can I get with a High School Degree?

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A high school degree opens up many job opportunities, including some that pay greater than some those requiring college degrees. Positions in medical assistance, for example, offer relatively high rates with the only requirements being a high school degree and moderate- to long-term on-the-job training. Individuals interested in motoring can find jobs either as technicians or drivers and make a decent living. Clerkship is another option available to high school degree bearers, as is general maintenance work. Managerial positions are also open to individuals without college degrees, with some requiring applicants to have minimal experience and pass a licensure exam.

Medical and dental assistant positions are among the most popular jobs for high school degree holders, offering salaries that sustain a decent quality of life. Although many in the field take one- or two-year higher education programs to bolster their chances of securing positions, it is not uncommon for clinics to accept applicants directly out of high school. On-the-job training equips individuals with the skills necessary to be a competent worker and can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the worker's aptitude. Job descriptions include sterilizing of instruments, patient care and preparation, and certain minor administrative tasks, such as file organization and accounting.


Certain crafts jobs require on-the-job training above anything else and are very accessible to high school degree holders. Positions include mechanics, carpenters, and plumbers. A large number of professionals offer apprenticeship programs for individuals who have completed their high school education, opening numerous career paths for those interested. Passing a licensure exam is often required to be a full practitioner in one's chosen field.

There are also a lot of high school degree jobs in clerical positions. Many of these positions require only basic computer and organization skills, as needed for data entry, filing, and other such responsibilities. Accounting clerks can also assist in handling internal and external transactions, data-checking, and basic accounting.

A good number of managerial positions are offered based on job experience rather than educational attainment, allowing high school degree bearers the same opportunities as those who finished college. These jobs are usually available on a promotion basis and are often rewarded on the merits of good work. Certain managerial positions, such as those in casinos, will require applicants to pass a test depending on state laws. These positions offer the most competitive salaries.



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