How do I get an Associate's Degree in Graphic Design?

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To receive an associate’s degree in graphic design you will typically need to first complete high school and receive your diploma or equivalent degree. You can then apply to a school that offers a program in graphic design, including a track to receive an associate’s degree, which can include art schools, community colleges, and universities. Once accepted into such a school, you will then need to complete whatever coursework is necessary to finish your program and receive your degree. After you receive your associate’s degree in graphic design, then you can look for work in a number of different fields or continue to work on a higher level degree.

An associate’s degree in graphic design is typically a two-year degree, though this can vary depending on the program. You will usually need to attend a college or university that offers a program in graphic design to receive this degree, and most schools require that you meet certain requirements for acceptance. Admission requirements at many schools include receiving a high school diploma or equivalent degree like a general education development (GED) certification, sufficient grades in school, and letters of recommendation or a personal essay from you. You should understand the admission requirements for any school you are interested in attending to work on your associate’s degree in graphic design before you apply.


Once you are accepted by a school, you can then begin working on your associate’s degree in graphic design. Depending on the school you attend, the classes you have to complete for this degree can vary to a certain degree though many of the subjects covered will be the same. You should expect to complete courses that focus on subjects like color theory, theory and practice in design, and using different media in design such as ink, paint, and computer graphics. Some schools will also offer specialized focuses while you work on an associate’s degree in graphic design such as in typography or advertising.

An associate’s degree in graphic design will qualify you to work in a number of different industries and professions. You might look for work in web design, especially as part of a team that generates original content, or advertising and marketing, which generate many graphic design jobs. If you are interested in teaching, or pursuing a greater understanding of graphic design, then you may want to consider working on a higher level degree as well. Your associate’s degree in graphic design will often function as the first two years of work toward a bachelor’s degree, however, making further education easier.



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