What Should I Know About Job Search Seasons?

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Job searching may not seem like a seasonal thing. Job seekers are usually looking for immediate work, although some may begin their searches in advance, perhaps because they will be graduating in the near future. When possible, having a job lined up for the future is an excellent idea. In this case, job search seasons are likely to be just before the end of each semester. The beginning of fall is a good time to begin looking for a job that begins after the first of the year and winter is a good time to start looking for a job to start in the spring.

Some job search seasons are more obvious. Summer jobs are always desired by high school kids out for vacation or still enrolled college students on break. While these tend to be temporary jobs that are filled only until school begins again, they sometimes lead to future work as well. It is a good idea to begin applying in the spring, well before summer vacation begins.


There is a lot of competition during job search seasons, so it pays to make your resume stand out from the rest. Many people don’t even offer a resume for summer jobs or other temporary work; they simply fill out an application. If you have any experience or special knowledge that could help you get the job, it’s worth the time it takes to put together a resume that explains these things in detail. If you already have a resume, update it as job search seasons get close.

The same is true of job search seasons that coincide with holidays. The most obvious is the end of the year season, during which Black Friday, regular Christmas shopping, and post holiday sales are occurring. Many retailers and other companies will need extra help during the biggest shopping season of the year. Being hired during job search seasons can and often does translate into a job for the future. A reliable person who does an excellent job during seasonal work may be called back when an opening becomes available.

Even if proving yourself during seasonal work doesn’t become full time employment, or you’re not ready for a full time job, it may place you first on the list to be called for other occasions when extra help is needed. You may be called upon to work during Spring Break or you may be selected for a summer job placement. It doesn’t hurt to call as various job search seasons approach, so the potential employer knows that you are available.

There are job search seasons when it comes to working at home as well. While people seem to always be looking for ways to work from home, more people do so in the late spring and early summer. This may include high school and college students, but it also includes parents whose children are out of school for summer vacation.



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