What Should I Expect from Hemorrhoid Laser Surgery?

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Patients undergoing hemorrhoid laser surgery may expect significantly less pain and less bleeding than would be experienced after traditional hemorrhoid surgery. It is generally claimed that healing tends to be more rapid after laser surgery, so the recovery timescale for the procedure is minimized. Hemorrhoid treatment using lasers is now a popular option for these reasons, and patients are often discharged the same day, with no overnight hospitalization required.

Hemorrhoid ligation is a traditional procedure in which the blood supply to a hemorrhoid is cut off, causing the hemorrhoid to shrink and fall off. This is done by placing a special rubber band around the base of the hemorrhoid. It can be quite painful, and many patients experiencing hemorrhoid pain, if they have a choice, opt for hemorrhoid laser surgery instead.

Hemorrhoid removal using lasers tends to be more costly than traditional hemorrhoid removal using invasive surgery. Not all doctors are trained in the use of lasers, so it may be advisable to ensure that the doctor who will be carrying out the procedure is fully trained and experienced. The procedure itself tends to be relatively painless, and the accurate beam of light from the laser simply vaporizes the hemorrhoid. During the procedure, the light from the laser also acts to seal off blood vessels, which results in much less bleeding than would be experienced during traditional surgery.


Prior to hemorrhoid laser surgery, patients may be placed on a restricted diet for a short period so that the intestinal tract is empty. Sometimes an anti-inflammatory is prescribed shortly before the procedure. The usual precautions that accompany full anesthesia are taken, including a full medical history of the patient.

After the procedure, patients without additional risk factors may well be discharged on the same day. The doctor is likely to prescribe a course of antibiotics to be taken after the laser surgery, and prescription painkillers are also often supplied. Pain may be experienced when urinating or performing bowel movements. Post-procedural precautions will need to be taken, and full recovery often takes a week or two, during which time it is usually considered important to restrict activity, and in particular to avoid any heavy lifting.

Patients who have undergone hemorrhoid laser surgery usually report that the procedure is very successful. However, hemorrhoids do tend to recur, regardless of which type of surgery is used to remove them. It is often considered advisable to make lifestyle changes such as dietary improvements, in order to reduce the risk of recurrence.



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Thanks for a very informative and useful article. The cost of surgery to remove nodes says that the price of hemorrhoid removal can reach $1200.

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