What is the Best Hemorrhoid Remedy?

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Choosing the best hemorrhoid remedy depends on several things, including how severe the hemorrhoids have become as well as how much pain the patient may be in. Most cases do not require removal surgery, although this is one option for those who suffer from chronic hemorrhoids which do not respond to other treatments. The majority of individuals will find that an over the counter or natural hemorrhoid remedy that works well at relieving discomfort, pain, and swelling.

Hemorrhoids are caused by swollen blood vessels in the anal area. This can occur for a variety of reasons, but the most common are chronic constipation and childbirth. They may also appear for virtually not reason at all. Patients may experience hemorrhoids both externally on the rectum and internally in the anal cavity. Symptoms may include burning, itching, swelling, pain, and bleeding that occurs primarily following a bowel movement.

One effective hemorrhoid remedy for mild cases may be to soak the area in a sitz bath. This can be done in the tub or using a small bucket or pan of water. In cases where hemorrhoids aren't severe, this may help remove symptoms and bring down swelling. More persistent cases will likely require other remedies as well.


Over the counter creams may also be effective methods for relieving symptoms of hemorrhoids. There are many brands of both ointments and pads that can be purchased, so patients should read directions carefully and try different options to find the best hemorrhoid remedy. These options may help get rid of symptoms quickly and effectively, but they do not always remove the hemorrhoids entirely. This will often lead to a recurrence of symptoms, especially if the initial cause of hemorrhoids is not resolved.

In some extreme cases, surgery may be required as an effective hemorrhoid remedy. This is generally used as a last resort. Operations can either be performed by cutting out the hemorrhoids using a knife or burning them away with lasers. Both options often come with a very painful recovery period, and they do not prevent hemorrhoids from returning. In order to get rid of hemorrhoids long term, it is important to treat any underlying causes.

Constipation should be remedied by eating more fiber-rich foods, drinking more fluids, and in some cases, taking a laxative. This will help alleviate straining and pressure on the rectum, both of which can lead to hemorrhoids. Pregnancy-related hemorrhoid symptoms cannot often be prevented.



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