What Should I Consider When Buying Bedding?

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When buying bedding, there are many considerations to make. The first one is price, because bedding can be either very expensive or very inexpensive. When it comes to thread count and fabric, you get what you pay for so you also have to consider comfort and style.

When buying bedding pay attention to pattern and color and how they fit in with the style of your bedroom. While you certainly don't have to carefully match the design of your sheets to your wallpaper or anything, you should look for bedding that coordinates with your bedroom's theme and color scheme. For example, if your bedroom is green and you feature plants as natural accents, you can look for leaf-prints and the color green when buying bedding.

Texture can add interest to your bedroom and you find many different finishes in bedding such as embossed floral comforters or waffle weave blankets. If your bedroom design features a lot of color, you may want to strictly limit the textures or there can be too much detail in your room. On the other hand, texture works very well in neutral color schemes to break up plain lines and add some sophistication to the decor.


It's usually best to look for natural fabrics such as cotton and silk when buying bedding since they are the most comfortable. Of course, silks and high thread count cotton can be quite pricey, but offer a lot of luxurious comfort if your budget can handle it. If not, the highest thread count cotton you can afford is usually your best bet. Some people like polyester-cotton blend sheets, while others find a pure cotton blend feels best next to their skin.

Cotton jersey sheets are often a really great choice when buying bedding on a budget as this material offers a lot of comfort for the price and can be comfortable in all types of weather. Cotton jersey also has a bit of stretch to it that makes it perfect for older children learning to make their own beds. Cotton flannel sheets, usually quite affordable, are like pajama fabric for the bed and can make a cozy choice for chilly nights!



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Cotton bedding feels so good. It does need a little ironing though for a clean, crisp look.

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