What is Organic Cotton Bedding?

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Many families have chosen to use organic cotton bedding for a variety of reasons, primarily because it is made using cotton which is organically grown and does not contain the pesticides found in crops grown using typical methods. Cotton is also a comfortable sleeping option and is fully sustainable as a resource. There are also varieties which are free from all dyes and chemical additives.

All organic cotton bedding is grown to meet certain requirements in order for it to be labeled as “organic.” This includes the growing process for all materials, as pesticides and other chemicals are not used on organic plants. Less toxic means of pest control may be used if approved by the appropriate government sources. When choosing organic bedding, it is a good idea to discuss with the manufacturers which ingredients are grown organically and which are not. In some cases, only the cotton is organic while other times the label applies to all materials used.

An important thing to remember is that although organic cotton bedding is made from organically grown materials, this does not necessarily mean that it is chemical-free. Many nations require that all bedding meet certain codes for fire safety. This often means that it must be treated with chemical sprays and other compounds to act as fire retardants. These chemicals can also be harmful to human health, as offgassing typically occurs for many months or years after purchase.


There are certain bedding options made from 100% organic cotton and other materials which are already naturally fire-retardant. These are government-approved in most areas, as they prevent fire from spreading almost as well as chemical options. They can be hard to find, however, and most bedding manufacturers do not list the fire retardant status of their products. For this reason, it is important to ask for that information before making a purchase.

Organic cotton bedding may include mattresses, sheets, quilts, blankets, bedspreads, and bumper pads for infant cribs. Cotton is an excellent choice for bedding because it is naturally soft and doesn’t cause overheating like synthetic materials such as polyester can. It is also long-lasting and holds up to wear and tear, and it is also resistant to mold growth in some cases.



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