What Should I Consider When Buying a Coffee Press?

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How strong you like your coffee is a major consideration when buying a coffee press. If you prefer the strength of your coffee at a nerve-stripping level, then a coffee press may be ideal. A coffee press serves up a stronger brew than most drip process filter machines. The flavor is also said to be head and shoulders above that produced by any other coffee brewing process.

A coffee press goes by a variety of names: French press, press pot or cafetiere a piston, as it's known in France. The origin of the coffee press is unknown, although it is thought to be either French or Italian and dates back to around 1850. With the recent coffee explosion, coffee presses have once again become very popular.

The coffee press is usually a cylindrical jug made of glass, metal or plastic. A lid with a plunger device is fitted onto the top. A wire or nylon mesh is fitted into the lid and acts as a filter for the ground coffee. Once the water and coffee have been mixed, the plunger is depressed. Depressing the filter separates the mixture and leaves the coffee grounds in the bottom of the jug.


The liquid that is left is a creamy, full flavored coffee. The coffee press process makes a stronger, thicker coffee than other methods. This is because the water and coffee are mixed together directly, causing more of the oils from the coffee to be retained. With the drip process, some of the oils are lost due to the filtration system used.

The time it takes to brew the coffee is very brief. Once the water has been added, the brewing process only takes a few minutes. Remnants of the coffee grounds will be left in the liquid. If you do not like this sort of sediment, than you may prefer a drip process machine.

The coffee used in a coffee press should be coarser than that used in drip process machines. Some people grind their own coffee in a burr mill grinder. If this seems like too much trouble, coffee merchants can grind it for you if asked.

A major selling point for the coffee press is portability. Its small size makes it perfect for taking into the workplace or on holiday. Plastic presses are more durable than glass. Coffee presses come in a variety of sizes, weights, materials and styles.

Cleaning is a consideration with a coffee press. Because of the circular wire filter, cleaning may be a bit tricky. Removing all the coffee grounds and remaining coffee oils requires soap and water. Hot water on its own will not be enough to clean the press.

This is a small price to pay for the superior flavor that the coffee press gives. Many coffee lovers swear that this brewing process is unbeatable. It is certainly guaranteed to clear the cobwebs away first thing in the morning.



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