What are the Different Types of Coffee Supplies?

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To enjoy coffee at home, it is an absolute must for a coffee lover to purchase some coffee supplies. At the very least, brewing the beverage requires ground coffee, hot water, and a mug. Most people — about 33% of the world's population are coffee drinkers — opt for some form of brewing device to transform coffee beans and water into the pleasant elixir. There are a few popular brewing options, like automatic coffee pots, percolators, espresso machines, and French presses, and each requires different coffee supplies.

An automatic coffee maker is a common appliance in many homes. This machine usually consists of a carafe that sits on a warming plate, a basket to hold the coffee, and a water reservoir. These machines generally require disposable coffee filters to prevent coffee grounds from running into the carafe. Water is poured into the reservoir and coffee is placed in the filter, which sits in a basket at the top of the machine. The water is heated and pumped into the basket, where it infuses with the ground coffee and drips into the carafe.


Of all of these coffee supplies, a percolator is one of the older devices. A percolator may be electric or may sit directly on a heat source. As the water boils, it comes in contact with the coffee grounds contained in a chamber at the top of the pot. The boiling water takes on coffee flavor in this manner. Most have a glass knob at top that allows the user to monitor the color and strength of the coffee being made.

Espresso machines are very important coffee supplies for any café or restaurant that seeks to serve fine coffee. These appliances are also popular for use in the home. The machines brew coffee by forcing pressurized water through a packed pellet of finely ground coffee to create a strong beverage.

French presses, or coffee presses, are a favorite among die hard coffee enthusiasts. A French press is used by combining hot water and course ground coffee in a glass decanter. The water and coffee are allowed to steep. Once the coffee is ready, a strainer is pushed down to separate the coffee from the water. French presses allow for a better infusion and more essential oils are released by the grounds into the hot water.

When perusing coffee supplies, a consumer will also have to decide not only how she wants to brew her coffee, but also what type of coffee to brew. If she prefers buying whole beans, she will need a coffee grinder to prepare them for brewing. Most coffee grinders are small appliances that pulverize the beans using sharp, flat blades. Beans can also be ground by hand with a mortar and pestle.

Choosing the perfect mug can be a tough decision for some. Consumers can buy a standard mug, espresso cup, or a giant cappuccino mug. There are also countless designs and sizes to choose from. People who drink coffee while on the go might also want to consider buying a travel coffee mug. Travel mugs usually prevent coffee from spilling and from getting cold quickly.



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