What Should I Consider Before Getting a Neck Lift?

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Neck lifts are a cosmetic surgery procedure that helps to restore a toned and relatively wrinkle-free appearance to the neck. The actual neck lifting procedure is performed by a licensed plastic surgeon, who evaluates each candidate carefully before agreeing to schedule the surgery. As part of that neck lift evaluation process, the plastic surgeon will also provide the candidate with important information to consider before proceeding.

Not everyone will find themselves among the ranks of acceptable neck lifting candidates. People who are currently taking certain medications will not qualify. Smokers must quit at least two weeks before the procedure takes place, and must be prepared to avoid smoking for a minimum of two weeks after the plastic surgery takes place. If you cannot comply with this stipulation, then it would be a good idea to forego the neck lift.

The cosmetic surgeon will also advise you to not remain on any type of fad diet in the weeks leading up to the neck lift surgery. Your body will need a balanced diet in order to be prepared for the invasive procedure. If you take vitamin or mineral supplements, it is important to discuss each one with the surgeon, as some nutrients will thin the blood and would cause excess bleeding during and after the neck lift.


Neck lift candidates are informed in advance of what to expect in terms of an enhanced appearance. Many people assume that the neck lift benefits are the same for everyone. That is not the case. A great deal depends on the condition of the skin. Your surgeon can help you set reasonable expectations regarding what the neck lift will and will not do in your particular situation.

If your plastic surgery includes a face lift as well as a neck lift, you will be walked through the entire procedure so that you understand exactly where the incisions will be made, how long the surgery will take, and the approximate length of the recovery period. Keep in mind the assumption is that no complications arise during the surgery and that everything progresses according to plan during the recovery.

While discussing the particulars of the neck lift procedure, your surgeon will also advise you of any risks associated with the surgery. Many of the neck lift risks are similar to those associated with any type of invasive surgery. These can include such factors as excessive bruising and swelling that take longer to subside, a negative reaction to the anesthetic used during the procedure, and infections that may develop during the recuperative period.

The particulars of the recovery period will also be important to consider. It is important to limit physical activity for several weeks after a neck lift. In particular, heavy lifting and participation in contact sports should be avoided during this period. At home, it is a good idea to always have clean towels, gauze, ice packs, and antibacterial ointment on hand. Comfortable clothing, especially shirts or tops that button or zip down the front, is essential. Based on your general health, your surgeon can also give you an idea of when you can expect the swelling to subside and the tenderness to wane.

Choosing to undergo neck lifting surgery, like any type of elective surgery, is a serious matter. It is important to weigh all the factors before making that decision. Be completely honest with your doctor, so that he or she can provide you with the best advice and counsel possible. When you have all the facts before you, then it will be possible to make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with the neck lift.



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