What is Thigh Lift Surgery?

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Thigh lift surgery is a surgical procedure used to reshape a person’s thigh. A plastic surgeon performs it to tighten the skin in this area and make it appear less saggy. The procedure may also be used to remove some of the excess fat located in the thigh area. However, many people undergo liposuction, a procedure that sucks excess fat out of specific parts of the body, before opting for a thigh lift.

Many people choose to have thigh lift surgery after losing a significant amount of weight. While losing weight gets rid of extra fat, it often leaves behind loose, sagging skin that many people find unattractive. Thigh lift surgery helps a person get rid of that extra skin.

There are different kinds of thigh lift surgeries, including inner, bilateral, and medial thigh lifts. An inner thigh lift is performed to tighten the skin of the inner thighs and may include excess fat removal. To perform this surgery, a plastic surgeon makes an incision in the area where the thigh meets the groin area. He then removes excess fat, if that is included as part of the procedure, along with a portion of the patient’s skin. He uses sutures to close the area.


Bilateral thigh lift surgery is used for tightening the front and outside of a person’s thighs. With this procedure, the incision is made at the top of the leg. The surgeon then removes some of the skin in this area. Finally, he pulls the remaining thigh skin up and stitches the wound together, which creates a skin tightening effect.

An individual may have a medial thigh lift to get rid of the extra fat and skin located in the upper part of his thigh. To perform this surgery, a surgeon starts his incision in the groin area and ends it at the bottom part of one buttock. He then removes excess skin, along with extra fat if necessary. He finally pulls the skin up and stitches the affected area shut in order to create the tightening effect.

Thigh lift surgery may be performed after the patient is given local anesthesia to make the area numb combined with a sedative to keep him in a relaxed state. In some cases, general anesthesia may be used instead, putting the patient to sleep. Risks include those common with all types of surgery, including anesthesia reactions, infection, and excessive bleeding. Scarring after surgery is normal, but is often hidden by underwear.



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