What Services are Available at a Chiropractic Wellness Center?

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The services at a chiropractic wellness center can vary widely. Some such centers focus on providing chiropractic care, while others may offer a range of wellness options including things like nutrition classes, group meditation sessions, and psychological care. In some cases, the center may be comprised of a group of alternative medical practitioners who have decided to practice together in a cooperative which provides complete care for patients, with a strong grounding in chiropractic care.

At a minimum, a chiropractic wellness center will offer chiropractic services including the diagnosis and treatment of chiropractic problems, along with routine adjustments and follow up care. The center may also offer services closely related to chiropractic treatment, such as massage techniques which are designed to prepare a patient for the chiropractor, or bodywork which is intended to keep the body tuned between chiropractic visits.

The chiropractic wellness center may also offer adjunct services such as classes which provide information about yoga, stretching, and caring for the musculoskeletal system, along with private consultations in topics like nutrition. Chiropractic wellness centers can also offer specialized care to pregnant women and children, who require some unique chiropractic services which may not be available in a generalized practice. Some also offer care for workplace injuries, which can be more complex than more routine care from a chiropractor.


Centers can also connect patients with other medical treatments, such as acupuncture, along with offering generalized health and wellness classes. Some chiropractic wellness centers sponsor lecture series featuring people in the alternative health movement and health educators who have information which the center's organizers may feel is helpful or relevant to patients. Some have lending libraries and other resources which are used to disseminate information and promote patient education. A chiropractic wellness center may also offer mobile and visiting care, such as chiropractic treatment in the office for companies which want to offer such services to their employees.

In some cases, a chiropractic wellness center has programs which are specifically tailored to workplace wellness, offering education, advice, and treatment to employees who receive such services through their companies. Likewise, chiropractic wellness centers can also work with institutions and schools to provide services. Others have a patient base which is primarily made up of private patients, and they may offer options such as billing to insurance companies, payment plans, and other payment options which are designed to ensure that everyone who wants to access chiropractic care can obtain it.



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