What is Chiropractic Wellness?

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Chiropractic wellness refers to a theory of health embraced by those involved in chiropractic medicine. Doctors of Chiropractic, or DCs, generally believe in the theory of chiropractic wellness and practice this type of care with their patients. The school of chiropractic medicine and chiropractic wellness was originally created in 1895 by Dr. Daniel Palmer, and this theory of medicine has existed ever since.

Chiropractors believe that the health of the body is affected by the alignment of the spine. The bones and vertebrae of and surrounding the spine can shift slightly as people go about their daily lives and activities, resulting in something called a "sublaxation." Since all nerves extend from the spine, chiropractors believe that sublaxations can result in a number of problems ranging from a sore back to allergies to asthma.

Therefore, chiropractic wellness focuses on alignment of the spine and other bones in the body. While chiropractors are most known for working on the spine alone, some techniques of chiropractic also involve adjustment to facial bones or to other bones including the pelvic bone and the bones in the legs. The premise is that, when properly aligned, your body will function more optimally and you will be in overall better health and free from pain.


Chiropractic wellness and chiropractic medicine is a holistic and natural theory of medicine. Although chiropractors attend school for several years, taking courses in anatomy and biology just as medical doctors (MDs) do, chiropractors do not and cannot prescribe drugs. Instead, chiropractors take a more natural approach to medicine, believing that with the right care and the right environment, your body can heal itself of many ailments.

When you visit a chiropractor, it is standard to receive an examination to determine where your sublaxations are. You will then be adjusted or realigned. Many chiropractors do not end the exam there, however, instead speaking with you about everything from your eating habits to your sleeping habits in an effort to help you become an overall healthier person and develop habits that can help your body perform at the optimal level.

To maintain chiropractic wellness, most chiropractors recommend maintenance care. In other words, after you are realigned, your bones can shift again and new sublaxations can develop. Regular visits to the chiropractor are thus important to maintain an overall state of well being and alignment in the body.



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