What Problems Affect Wrist Muscles?

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Wrist pain can put almost anyone out of commission, considering how often most people use their hands and wrists each day. It is for this reason that taking care of the wrist muscles usually is important to the majority of people. Some of the most common injuries to wrists include tendinitis, strains, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tendinitis causes inflammation in one or more of the tendons that surround the wrist. Symptoms include swelling and pain in the area where the muscle attaches to the bone, and the issue usually is diagnosed by a doctor following an examination. The most common way of treating this irritation of the wrist muscles is by putting it in a cast to allow the area to rest and the swelling to decrease. Ice and medications that reduce inflammation are popular methods of eliminating the pain as much as possible, but some stubborn cases usually require surgery.


A strain can result from either overstretching the wrist muscles or completely tearing them, as in more serious cases. When due to overuse, the issue typically is called a repetitive strain injury, since it usually results from using it in the same position too often. This typically occurs among computer users, musicians, and frequent exercisers. Holding a computer mouse, instrument, or weights correctly can help prevent strain, as can keeping the hands and wrists relaxed as much as possible. Physical therapy and surgery sometimes are required in cases that are not remedied by stretching the wrists out before and after activities.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is another common injury that can occur by keeping the wrists in the same position for several hours everyday. With this type of injury, a nerve is pinched due to extra pressure which can be caused by incorrect posture at the computer, weightlifting, or sports that require use of a racket. Common symptoms include tingling, numbness, and pain in the hand, wrist, and fingers. A wrist brace and anti-inflammatory medications usually are offered by most doctors, and there are several exercises demonstrated online that might help reduce the incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Those who successfully avoid injuries to wrist muscles often make a habit of stretching the wrists before beginning any activity that requires holding them in a set position for any length of time. Additionally, many people perform wrist-strengthening exercises daily to protect the area around the muscles from harm. Performing wrist curls with small weights, using a hand gripper, and even squeezing a stress ball typically are recommended steps to take in order to prevent injuries to wrist muscles.



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