How do I Treat Wrist Pain?

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There are many different types of problems that can result in wrist pain. The pain may be due to an injury, overuse of the wrist, or some type of developing health issue. Knowing how to address and alleviate your pain involves understanding what is causing the discomfort.

When damage to the wrist has taken place, it is often a good idea to find some way to immobilize the wrist while it heals. For example, if you’ve broken the wrist, using a splint to limit movement will help reduce the amount of pain you feel while healing takes place. In order to help with the dull wrist pain that is likely to be present even though the wrist is kept immobile, your doctor can recommend over the counter pain relievers, or supply you with prescription medication that can be taken on as-needed basis.


In situations where your wrist pain is due to a strain, there is a good chance that there is some swelling along with that pain. Strains can take place due to repetitive movements that place stress on cartilage, resulting in wrist inflammation. When this is the case, applying an ice pack can often help dull the pain. If you do not have an ice pack handy, a small bag of frozen vegetable will work nicely. Apply the cold pack to the wrist for short periods of ten to fifteen minutes throughout the day, and both the pain and the swelling will begin to subside.

If ligament tears or sprains are the cause of your wrist pain, you may also want to try a splint. The key to helping those ligaments heal is to keep the wrist from moving about freely. However, there are situations where the ligaments and the joints of the wrist do not line up properly as a result of the sprain. When this is the case, your doctor may recommend a simple procedure to realign the joints and the ligaments.

Arthritis may be the root cause of your wrist pain. For minor aches in the wrist area, using a heating pad will often dull the pain significantly. However, if the arthritis is progressing, it may be necessary to undergo surgery to fuse two or more of the wrist bones together. While this does affect the range of motion of your wrist, it can also help to dull the recurring arthritis pain and allow you to use your wrist without constantly triggering more pain.

Knowing the reason for your wrist pain makes all the difference in how you treat the condition. In many cases, simply allowing the wrist to rest, along with taking an over the counter pain reliever, will work very well for minor aches and pains. However, if you suspect there is some sort of damage to the bones or cartilage of your wrist, don’t hesitate to see your doctor immediately. Often, the origin of the pain can be identified quickly, and the proper treatment administered so you no longer have to deal with the discomfort of pain and swelling in your wrist.



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