What Precautions Should I Take if I'm Dating with an STD?

If you are dating with an STD, there are a few precautions you should take, such as communicating honestly with any potential sex partners and wearing a condom at all times during sexual activity. Abstinence is also an option, as it is the most effective way of assuring that you do not spread an STD to other partners. If you do decide to engage in sexual activities, however, monogamy is also a good consideration when dating with an STD.

It is important to understand that dating with an STD can still be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. By offering open communication about your condition to any potential sex partners before engaging in intimate acts, you are telling a person that you respect your body and that you respect your partner, as well. By engaging in honest communication, you are also giving the person an opportunity to decide if she or he would like to engage in a sexual relationship with someone with a sexually transmitted disease.


When dating with an STD, you must always make sure you protect others from contracting your disease. In order to do so effectively, it is important that you thoroughly research the facts concerning the disease you are carrying, as well as its symptoms and that you understand how to avoid spreading it to others. Depending upon the STD you carry, there may be times where you will need to refrain from sexual activity, as well as kissing your partner or engaging in oral sex. It is also important that you always wear a condom during sexual activities, as it not only possible for you to spread a sexually transmitted disease to a partner, but you are still susceptible to contracting other diseases or a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that a condom may help prevent.

Condoms are not foolproof when dating with an STD, however. It is therefore important to choose sexual partners very carefully or even consider abstinence while dating. The best way to protect against contracting or spreading a sexually transmitted disease is by suspending all sexual activities for a period of time. Abstinence may not be the most exciting aspect of dating with an STD, but it does have its benefits, such as affording room to build an intimate bond with someone that is not based primarily on sexual enjoyment.

Dating with an STD can be an exercise in self-discipline and courage, as it’s not always easy to discuss these matters with casual acquaintances. You may, therefore, want to consider only engaging in sexual activities when you are settled into a monogamous relationship. Dating with an STD can be an enjoyable experience that does not have to lead to sexual activity right away or with each person you date. Instead, take your time and find a special someone with whom you are comfortable opening up to about yourself and with whom you trust to confide in about the particular disease you carry, and only then engage in safe sexual activities with that person.



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