What Are STD Dating Sites?

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STD dating sites provide individuals who have sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) with an opportunity to meet others with the same or similar conditions for the possibility of beginning dating relationships. As many people with STDs may have difficulty finding people to date because of their condition, these sites provide a stigma-free venue in which singles can get acquainted without the awkwardness of timing a disclosure of an STD. These dating sites may cater to individuals who have a particular STD or may simply be open to anyone with an STD or even STD-free individuals who are open to dating someone with an STD.

Although the stigma attached to STDs may be less significant in some communities, for many people this condition can be a source of embarrassment and concern. If an individual is single and is interested in pursuing a romantic relationship, he or she is morally, and some places legally, obligated to inform potential sex partners about the condition. In some cases, individuals have pursued relationships with seemingly compatible people only to have those relationships end when they disclosed their condition. This can be painful and confusing for both parties.


In response to this dilemma, STD dating sites provide a way for those living with STDs to not have to deal with the hurdle of disclosure. Instead, people who join the site either have an STD or are aware that others using the site have one. With the problem of disclosure eliminated, site participants are free to get acquainted and to discover whether either a short-term or long-term relationship is a possibility. As a result, people with STDs are able to connect with others who are open to a relationship and do not have to be concerned about negative reactions from an individual whom they may have come to care about.

The services provided by STD dating sites can vary considerably and may include STD educational and counseling services for those who wish to learn more about their own STD or that of a potential partner. As is true of many online dating services, site participants are at liberty to protect their identity as they see fit, which can reduce vulnerability to individuals who may exploit information about someone's medical condition. Individuals using these sites should take responsibility for restricting identifying information until they have taken the time to get to know a potential relationship partner. Good sites will provide members with information and tips on how to protect their privacy while using the site.



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