What Kinds of Positions are in the Category of "Internet Jobs"?

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Internet jobs have expanded and grown as the technology and sophistication of the web has matured. The range of positions available includes everything from technical roles to marketing positions. Invest the time to explore Internet jobs as part of your job search, and keep an open mind to identify how your current role can grow into an Internet job.

There are four types of jobs in this category: computer infrastructure, programmer, user interface and content management. These positions require a wide range of skills, experience and education. The number of opportunities available in this growing industry is expected to grow at a steady rate for the next five to ten years. A commitment to quality, service and continuing education will help position you to take advantage of this trend.

Computer infrastructure jobs are technical in nature. They include the mechanics of computer hardware installation, connecting multiple computers, wiring, data management and security. This type of role requires a high level of knowledge in very specialized concepts and computer design.

In order to qualify for this type of position, you must have a degree or diploma in computer science, advanced certificates in computer networking and structural design. This is a very technical role, with a clearly defined career path. Most people start as support technicians and gain the experience necessary to advance their career. Opportunities in management, supervision and network design become available after five to ten years of solid work experience.


Internet jobs for computer programmers and developers are also widely available. These positions are responsible for creating and maintaining the function behind the web pages that are on the Internet. To become an Internet computer programmer, you will need to learn the most popular web development languages.

Try Java, JavaScript, C++ or hypertext mark up language or HTML. These languages are well known and are very popular programming languages. These skills, in addition to a degree or diploma in computer science or math will help you to qualify for these types of jobs.

A user interface is the look and feel of a website. This aspect of Internet jobs is growing very rapidly as old techniques quickly look outdated when compared with websites using the latest technologies and theories. This type of positions requires a background in design, psychology or the visual arts. This aspect of the website is critical to user acceptance and the success of the project with consumers or clients.

Content management has expanded from an information collection role to a complex position requiring project management and communication skills. The content is the most important part of any website. Keeping the information consistent, up to date, and accurate requires a team of people. Management of this process is a growing position that requires a background in communication, management, marketing or business.



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