What are the Different Tech Writer Jobs?

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A technical writer is one who provides information on a technical subject, in a style that can be understood by many. Tech writer jobs are plentiful for those who can write clear, concise copy and are skilled at using multiple sources and highly technical information. Tech writer jobs exist for many employment areas, including the medical field, scientific areas, finance, law, technology, and the aerospace industry, just to name a few.

Many people also associate tech writer jobs with user manuals, and while this is one avenue, there are many other opportunities as well. Technical writers might also write disclaimers for companies, procedure guides, style guides, web sites, or business proposals, among others. Technical writing exists to make complex theories or instructions easier to understand and follow. Technical writers must always carefully consider their audience, and the intent of the piece they are working on. Technical writers must be able to write in a completely objective manner, and prevent any distinctive voice from appearing in their work. There is,however, still room for creativity in many tech writer jobs.


Tech writer jobs exist within larger companies, but many in this field are freelancers. Pay scales vary greatly, as there is no clear advancement path for a technical writer. To become a technical writer, it is not always necessary to have a college degree, though it is helpful. Degrees in writing, English, journalism, communications, or even technology are all a good basis for a career in technical writing. Many schools also offer individual courses in technical writing; this can get you started without the need for a two- or four-year degree.

Tech writers should have a sufficient background in writing and language. Tech writers are expected to have superior grammar skills, as well as some experience of a technical nature. Familiarity with computers is a must, and it is important to have excellent typing skills. The ability to meet multiple deadlines is vital. There also may be certain types of software that one may need to learn as well, depending upon the particular specialization.

When applying for any tech writer job, it is important to have a resume that is clear and concise. This is the first thing an employer will see that can help them determine if an applicant is a good writer. It is also important to include relevant writing samples. Samples should not include fiction writing or creative writing; only include samples that illustrate the ability to take complex information from multiple sources, and reduce it to an easy-to-understand piece of writing.



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