What Kinds of Positions are Available As Temporary Jobs?

Temporary jobs provide short term help for companies who need extra assistance. Workers sign up through a temp agency, and are matched with an employer who can use their services for a short time. Temporary job positions may last a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months. In some instances, temporary workers are hired on to the company they are working for, if they perform exceptionally well, after a trial period. Temporary positions are typically entry-level, and do not require a lot of experience or training.

Temporary jobs are available in many industries. One of the most popular areas of temporary employment is in the general labor industry. Temp workers may work in factories, warehouses, custodial positions, and in other fields that require laborers. The skills of the temp worker will be matched to the needs of the company. For example, a worker with a commercial drivers' license (CDL) might be placed as a truck driver for a road work company during the summer, when the company needs the extra help.

Office positions are also common temporary jobs. Accounting and bookkeeping jobs, especially near the end of the year and during tax season, are common. There are also positions in billings, payroll, office support, and data processing. Being proficient in computer systems, along with having some previous experience in other office positions, make a temporary worker a good match for one of these jobs.


With the right experience, workers can get temporary jobs in a lot of great fields. Research and laboratory assistants may be hired through a temp agency, as well as some health care positions. Customer support centers may hire temporary workers to provide phone or internet support for their products.

There are also temporary jobs in the service industry. These positions include ushering, cooking, catering, cashier positions, and event planning. Housecleaning companies, hotels, and landscaping or yard work companies also hire temporary workers. These positions do not generally require a lot of training, and may be a good match for workers who do not have training for other temping positions.

Working in temporary positions is a great solution for workers who have been laid off and are looking for a new job. They can give workers the experience they need to get into a new position. Temporary jobs provide a paycheck for workers while they are looking for a better job, and can be a great way to make ends meet in the meantime.



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