What are Temporary Employment Services?

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Temporary employment services are used to provide workers for temporary placement at companies in need of additional staff. Workplaces can use temporary employees to fill in for people who are sick, on vacation, or taking leaves of absence. Temps, as they are also known, may also be relied upon during busy times of the year to provide additional staffing as needed. Companies that offer temporary employment services are most commonly located in metropolitan areas where there are large numbers of potential placements.

Companies in need of temporary employees can establish a relationship with an agency. The companies provide information about their requirements for temporary positions and the agency sends employees who meet those requirements over. In some cases, temporary work can develop into an offer of a full time position, but this is not expected. Companies are not required to pay benefits to temporary employees and these employees usually enjoy fewer legal protections because of the nature of their employment.


People looking for work can register with a company that offers temporary employment services. They provide the company with a resume and list of qualifications and experience so they can be matched with potential jobs. Some companies may also administer an exam to test core competencies for more accurate placement. Such work can be used to bridge periods of unemployment, provide a way for getting work while living somewhere for a short period of time, or as a long term approach to finding work. Some people like the flexibility of temp work and find it worth the risks.

Some companies that provide temporary employment services also offer long-term job placement. Companies may be encouraged to try temporary staffers before offering more permanent employment. This gives them an opportunity to see if someone is a good fit for a workplace before moving forward. It is also not uncommon for agencies to focus on particular types of work, such as clerical work, construction, providing drivers, and so forth.

There are advantages and disadvantages to seeking employees or work through a company that offers temporary employment services. Employees have fewer legal protections, but may make more money and appreciate the flexible hours and pay. Employers are guaranteed people with a minimum level of skill and qualifications and can get staffers quickly when they are needed, but may miss out on skilled employees who do not think to register with staffing agencies to find work.



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