What is Truck Driver Software?

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There are three different kinds of truck driver software available: training, simulation, and testing. A truck driver is responsible for the operation of large vehicles that transport materials across long distances. In many countries, the truck driver performs a central role in the distribution and delivery of materials ranging from cars to fruit.

The development of truck driver software was motivated by the need to increase the number of licensed truck drivers while decreasing the time required to qualify. The training process requires a specific number of hours behind the wheel of a truck. However, all these hours must be completed with a licensed instructor in the truck. This creates a bottleneck and often slows down the process.

Truck driver software eliminates the need to complete all the hours of training in the actual truck. These programs provide a series of simulated exercises to allow students to practice their skills. The simulation program is usually designed to include practice or free driving, structured exercises, practice tests, and simulated final tests. There are many skills associated with truck driving that are best gained through practice.

Training truck driver software is widely available through many driver training schools. Look for schools that offer students extended access to the computer lab. Practice is the only way to really benefit from this type of software. Learning how to manage the truck movements, negotiate obstacles, and apply defensive driving techniques are all essential skills for any truck driver.


Simulation software typically includes enhanced visual and audio equipment requirements. Many organizations purchase a combination simulation station and software. The station is designed to mimic the audio, visual, and movement that would be experienced in an actual truck. The primary purpose of this type of software is to allow students to experience the feeling of managing a large truck and how it responds to different movements.

A growing number of licensing boards are using truck driver software to conduct a preliminary driver's license test. The test covers a standard list of questions and techniques. Responses are timed and recorded. This enhanced testing method is consistently applied to all candidates, increasing the quality of the testing.

Future enhancements for truck driving software include short programs to refresh driving skills, new techniques for modern trucks, and license renewal testing. The primary restriction on this type of software is the cost associated with the external equipment. As the software increases in complexity, this requirement may disappear.



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