How do I get Started in Truck Driving?

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Businesses around the world need food and material to be transported from time to time. Truck drivers usually are charged with this task, transporting items using dump trucks, semi-tractor trailers, and trailer trucks. A truck driving career can be a great way to make an income while seeing the world at the same time. This line of work usually is perfect for people who enjoy driving, want some independence, and are eager to see the world.

One of the best ways to enter this profession is to enroll in truck driving school. Such organizations generally are available around the world. Driving large trucks containing valuable cargo typically is easier said than done, though. A truck diver is charged with safely bringing goods to destinations in an efficient amount of time. Navigating large trucks without damaging goods and materials or harming other vehicles on the road usually takes training and practice.

In a truck driving class, one typically will learn about the different types of trucks that can be used for the transport of cargo. A certified instructor usually will provide students with the truck driving training they need to successfully drive both large and small vehicles. This process is more than just learning how to look in your mirror; simply merging lanes or making a right-hand turn is made that much more complicated when you are driving a truck that can be the length of six mid-sized vehicles.


Many truck driving companies have in-house training programs. The companies not only will teach participants how to drive large trucks, but also will explain everything from rest stops and weigh-ins to the best routes to take and how to deal with detours, construction, and any other last-minute surprises. Once training is completed, individuals usually are required to work for the company for a certain amount of time as repayment for the training course.

Once you have the proper training, you then can work toward applying for a truck driver license. Different states have different requirements for such a license, as do most countries. Some may ask for both a written and driving test whereas others may just require a driving test. There are different licenses for different types of vehicles. For example, you typically will need a special truck driving license for vehicles that contain hazardous materials.

Most companies require that truck drivers have at least a high school diploma or that they have passed the General Educational Development (GED) test. Additionally, companies usually will look for people who have a spotless driving record. The lack of a criminal record and experience with driving also could be a factor when companies look for new drivers.



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