What is the Lifestream Massage Technique?

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The Lifestream Massage Technique is a style of massage taught at the LifeStream Massage School in Napa, California. The school offers a comprehensive massage certification program which is geared to people who want to be able to work in resorts and spas after graduation, and a variety of techniques are taught at the school with the goal of increasing hirability after graduation. Therapists who have received training in the Lifestream Massage Technique are in high demand in some regions of the world.

This style of massage is designed as a medium deep tissue massage, meaning that the therapist does some deep tissue work, but does not penetrate too deeply. It combines aspects of Swedish massage and deep tissue massage with the goal of relaxing clients while also providing some of the benefits of massage. Traditional deep tissue massage can be a bit too intense for some clients, especially people who get massage at resorts with the goal of relaxation, but traditional Swedish may not address all of a client's issues. The Lifestream Massage Technique is supposed to strike a balance between the two.


The technique isn't just about the client. Therapists learn to offer the Lifestream Massage Technique in hour-long sessions, ensuring that it can easily be fit into a spa or resort schedule, unlike the 90 minute sessions which are often recommended for deep tissue massage. Therapists also learn about biomechanics when they study the Lifestream Massage Technique, learning to take care of their bodies so that they can work in a healthy, productive way. The method also promotes efficiency, with therapists using their bodies as tools to provide a good massage without exhausting or injuring themselves.

A therapist who has studied the Lifestream Massage Technique can have more endurance than therapists trained in more traditional modalities. This is a benefit for potential employers, who can take advantage of the therapist's abilities to book a full schedule, and for the therapists, who can offer more massages in a day, thereby making more money.

This style of bodywork can also be highly beneficial for clients. For people who are nervous about deep tissue massage, the Lifestream Massage Technique can be a gentle introduction, illustrating the fact that deep tissue massage does not need to be painful. The combination of relaxation and improvements to physical condition can also be beneficial, especially for clients who might be straining their bodies with new activities at a resort.



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It would be awesome if you had mentioned that the technique was created and developed by massage therapist Scott E. Adams, also owner of Lifestream Massage School.

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