What are the Different Massage Careers?

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Massage therapy is the use of applying pressure to muscles with the hands through rubbing and manipulation. It is thought to offer stress relief by loosening tightened muscles, as well as aid in the body’s circulation. Massage therapy is also commonly used as a form of pain relief. Massage careers are available in a variety of areas and can be full-time positions or independent contracts.

Luxury spas can offer plenty of opportunities for massage careers. Spa patrons may pay for massages as a form of relaxation or stress relief, as well as combine them with spa beauty routines. Massage therapists can also find work in the travel industry. They can be hired as part of the staff at vacation resorts, hotels, or cruise ships who may offer massages as part of their amenities or travel packages. Some airports also employ massage therapists to provide services to travelers before or after flights.

In addition to relaxation and stress relief, massage is often used as a form of physical therapy. Many massage careers focus on the healthcare field. Massage therapists can work in hospitals, nursing homes, or rehabilitation centers. They may use massage as part of rehabilitation therapy for injuries, as well as provide massages as a form of treatment and relief to patients with illnesses.


Massage therapists can find employment working for professional sports organizations. Massage careers for sports teams may require a great deal of travel to accompany sports teams to their competitions. Therapists typically use massage to ensure athletes’ muscles are properly loosened before competitions in order to prevent injuries. Massage can also be implemented as part of rehabilitation treatment for hurt players.

For massage therapists who enjoy flexibility and diversity, there are careers in onsite services. Clients can contact massage therapists for private massages appointments at their homes. Some businesses may hire massage therapists to come to their workplace to provide services to employees as a perk or to decrease stress. Wealthy clients, such as celebrities, may hire massage therapists to be on-call at all hours or to travel with them.

Massage careers tend to be flexible and can be full- or part-time. For instance, some massage therapists may work by appointment only and have an additional form of supplementary income. Massage therapists also have the opportunities to be self-employed and run their own businesses, offering their choice of services and hours. Careers in massage can have a greatly varied salary potential; for example, on-call or sports team therapists may have opportunities for lucrative offers.



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