What Is the Connection between Human Resource Management and Development?

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Human resource management and development are both practices that help to nurture employees. The work of human resource management ensures the well-being of workers while development gives them the opportunity to build skills and otherwise boost their careers. Management provides daily direction which enables the employee to enjoy the benefits of development.

An organization that excels at both human resource management and development is able to feed one practice into the other. Good management bolsters the workforce and ensures that its members feel safe and enabled to work well. Development builds on this base and creates a stronger more confident workforce. This then eases the process of management tasks such as recruitment and retention efforts.

Another key connection between human resource management and development is the direction it gives employees. A smooth management process will give employees insight into their careers and ideas about which direction to take. Then, through the development process, the human resources team can give employees the tools to reach their career goals. This can include additional training, mentoring programs, or coaching on specific elements.

There are multiple scenarios in which an employee would receive guidance from the management side of human resources which leads them to the development sector. A new employee may benefit from additional training in order to adjust to a position. Performance reviews may also reveal skill gaps that can be remedied with the aid of human resources.


Human resource management may be linked to development when there is a need for problem solving as well. While counseling an employee, a human resources team member may devise a plan for solving a problem via some of the methods employed in development. This could include improving conflicted relationships with a team building conference or helping a struggling employee by matching them with a co-worker who can demonstrate how to improve job performance.

Another function of human resources management is to ensure that employees are suited to their positions. This can be useful when planning promotions as it will already be clear which employees are best suited to the position. Then human resources development can create a succession plan for the appropriate candidate.

When used effectively, both human resources management and development can play a significant role in the strategic direction an organization takes. They both revolve around how employees are treated and ensure that they are able to work with optimum efficiency. Both practices can help both employees and the organization to thrive.



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