How Do I Prepare for a Human Resource Management Exam?

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Preparing for a human resource management exam includes brushing up on labor laws protecting employee rights. This legislation generally covers racial discrimination, sexual harassment, privacy rights, and discipline policies. A student studying for the human resource management exam also needs solid knowledge of staff development strategies, recruitment, devising a job description, risk management, and compensation law. Questions on all these topics typically appear on the test. Workshops or online courses can prepare students for taking the actual exam.

Some companies require certification for human resource managers, which might be attained by successfully passing standardized tests. A human resource manager exam measures a candidate’s knowledge in a wide range of employment law, along with subjects he or she will use in staff management. Many of the questions on the test consist of multiple-choice options, while others might require an in-depth explanation to demonstrate knowledge of typical situations.

Employment law might vary by region. Students should be well versed in legislation regulating rights of employees regarding age, racial, and religious discrimination. If a hiring quota system exists, a human resource manager must know how to analyze external and internal employee availability to meet these demands. The human resource management exam commonly refers to prior court cases to measure a student’s knowledge of labor law.


Preparation also includes review of staff development topics, including how to train, motivate, and inspire employees. The test typically asks questions about strategies to effectively use talent in the workplace to benefit the company. Performance reviews and analysis of leadership traits usually fall under this category on the human resource manager exam.

Another area covered on the test involves compensation and benefits. Students preparing for certification should review any legislation that covers minimum wage legislation and employee benefits. Health care benefits might be required in some regions; the student should check laws in the area where the exam is scheduled. Human resource management generally entails a complete understanding of compensation and benefit packages, and requires the ability to adequately communicate these programs to employees.

Risk management questions on the test commonly cover security in an organization, including the protection of proprietary information. Employee safety law represents another risk management area to review before taking the exam. Knowledge in this area protects the company from claims arising from accidents or lawsuits, and guards sensitive information from competitors.

Students preparing for the human resource management exam might also want to study various job satisfaction models used in the industry. These tools analyze employee attitudes regarding workload, pay, and discipline procedures. If a firm hires union workers, these questionnaires might prevent strikes and aid in collective bargaining negotiations.



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