What is the Colon Detox Diet?

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The colon detox diet is a diet plan which aims to remove waste from the digestive tract in order to promote weight loss and overall health. This can be done in a variety of ways, but mostly through eating foods that are high in fiber as well as taking supplemental pills that contain concentrated levels of fiber and other materials that promote bowel movements. By removing built-up waste from the colon, the body more effectively absorbs nutrients and may lose weight.

Some research has suggested that the average human body has several pounds of waste stored in the colon at any given time. This is often the result of poor diet and lack of fluids and exercise. As more and more waste builds up in the large intestine, the toxins contained inside of the digested food are thought to be reabsorbed back into the body. This means that the liver and other organs must process them a second time before the waste eventually leaves the body.

This toxic overload can lead to digestive issues, bloat, fatigue, weight gain, and an overall sense of being unwell. The colon detox diet is designed to flush the excess waste materials out of the colon so that healthier digestion can begin. To do this, laxative materials are used to slowly increase the number of bowel movements a person has per day.


There is much debate on whether or not the colon detox diet has any real benefits to the human body. While some have reported amazing results, other dieters are less than enthusiastic. Issues like stomach cramps and gas have been reported, caused by the sudden increase in fiber that dieters undergo. Additionally, while some weight loss does generally take place, the supplements cannot be used on a long term basis to avoid dehydration.

Many versions of the colon detox diet also recommend eating high-fiber foods and drinking plenty of water throughout the day. This is good advice for any diet plan, and these guidelines should be followed on a long-term basis to ensure proper health and well being. While the colon detox diet may not be ideal for weight loss, those who suffer from constipation or other digestive issues may benefit from doing an occasional detox to correct these issues.

As with any plan, the colon detox diet should be closely monitored by a doctor. Dieters should be given a clean bill of health before beginning and should report any negative side effects immediately. Any supplements being used should be approved by a doctor, pharmacist, or dietitian to ensure safety and correct usages.



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