How do I Choose the Best Detox Diet Plan?

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The best detox diet plan is the one that specifically accomplishes the goal or goals you have in mind and that initially motivated your decision to begin considering types of diet plans. People who eat meat on a daily basis, particularly in large portions, might find that following a temporary vegetarian diet for a few weeks is the best detox diet for ridding the body of excessive uric acid. Rheumatism, kidney stones, gallstones and gout are some of the conditions caused by high levels of uric acid seen in people who regularly eat large amounts of meat. Temporary adherence to a strict vegetarian diet, also known as veganism, might prove more cleansing to the body than the consumption of eggs and dairy products included with vegetarian meals.


A detox diet plan to consume only fruits might be best for people seeking a stronger cleansing than that that can be obtained by eating only vegetable-based meals for a period of time. One advantage that the fruit diet has over the vegetarian one is that it can be followed by those who want to be on a detox diet plan without losing significant amounts of weight. Fruits contain sugar and usually are more appealing to people who want a detox diet plan that will allow them to have natural "sweets" or healthy desserts. A true fruit diet should consists of only fruits. They can be fresh, dried or slightly cooked, but fresh fruit generally should make up the largest portion of this type of detox diet plan.

Another type of detox diet plan is a juice diet. Fresh fruit and or vegetable juice should be used, but the juice of fruits and vegetables should not generally be mixed because doing so can cause more harm than it does detoxification. This generally is considered another good detox diet plan for people desiring to lose weight in a natural way. If weight loss is one of the goals, however, orange juice should be avoided, because it is very high in calories and generally causes weight gain instead of weight loss.

Some types of detox diet plans focus on the eating of nothing but raw foods for a short period of time to allow the body to rid itself of toxins. This might be the best option for those who have weak digestion, because almost all raw foods contain natural enzymes and tend to be high in vitamins, minerals and trace minerals. Raw foods can be uncooked fruits, uncooked vegetables, raw milk, raw honey, nuts and seeds that have not been roasted. It is advisable to drink plenty of fresh water or unsweetened herbal teas while on your detox diet plan. You also should consult with your doctor before placing yourself on a detox diet plan of any type.



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